The enterprise is equipped with a high-performance equipment that allows us to carry out the following operations:
Leveling of sheet, forgings, shafts, heavy-wall pipes on a press with a force of 500 tons

Maximum dimensions of the works:

  • diameter – 245 mm;
  • length – 10 000 mm;
  • bowling (wobbling) of the works before leveling – no more than 15 mm, after leveling - up to 2 mm over the length (0.5 mm per 1 m).
Works lathe turning:
  • the biggest diameter of workpieces – 290 mm;
  • the biggest length 16 500 mm.
Thread cutting:
  • metric, lock conical, trapezoidal threads with a rectangular profile;
  • the diameter range of the pipes –
    from 70 to 290 mm.
Milling operations of long components:
  • the diameters range of the pipes –
    from 89 to 254 mm;
  • lengths of workpieces – 16 000 mm.
Hydrotesting of pipes:
  • maximum proof pressure – 75 MPa;
  • diameters range – from 102 to 250 mm.
Assembly/disassembly of pipes’ screw joints:
  • diameters range – from 57 to 295 mm.
Drilling and boring of internal openings:
  • installed workpieces outer diameter limit –
    from 90 to 450 mm;
  • lengths of workpieces – from 500 to 16 500 mm;
  • openings diameters – from 28 to 130 mm;
  • drill run-off related to the outer diameter does not exceed 2 mm over the entire length;
  • runout accuracy after drilling (in grades) – 10,
    after boring – 9.

In order to ensure quality control of the products, the quality control department of the enterprise is fully equipped with the necessary measuring means, both standardized and special. Nondestructive gages are widely used.

For all products, the ultrasonic quality evaluation is carried out over the entire length and cross-section.

The threads are cut with a special tool on NC machines and treated with special grease. Each thread is controlled by the quality control department service.

The enterprise has set the main quality objectives:

  • to achieve high quality of the products;
  • to underprop a strong reputation and image in here and abroad.

We are certified against:

  • ISO 9001;
  • voluntary declaration of output products for compliance with the requirements of the Technical Regulations "On the Machines and Equipment Safety".

We have permission to use non-magnetic drill collars from the Federal Service for Environmental, Technological and Nuclear Supervision.

The relevant documents were received based on the results.