Subs and basic parts of various complexity for telemetric systems

For subs and basic parts of telemetric systems manufacture, both structural alloy steels and various types of non-magnetic steels with different strength and corrosion resistance are used.

Subs are intended for interconnection of drill string parts to each other and to attach it to the tool used in drilling, repair and exploration work at oil and gas fields. They are produced according to GOST 7360-82.

Process capabilities of our company allow us to manufacture basic parts and subs of various designs for underground equipment used in wells drilling for oil and gas production, various complexity on custom orders and customers’ drawings.

Manufacture of basic parts and subs for LWD and MWD systems in various designs with removable and non-removable modules used for directional wells drilling, including wells with horizontal tailing-in.

Produced diameters range: 90, 100, 105, 121, 172, 178, 203.


  • bottleneck
  • box-type
  • pin-type

Circulating subs: